Shanti Bhavan Donation and Support Program

Shanti Bhavan is a home and school for historically deprived children from disadvantaged backgrounds of poverty. The aim of Shanti Bhavan is to enable these children to succeed in life by giving them the opportunity to develop their innate potential. It is hoped that this will break the vicious cycle of poverty, and that these children will, in turn, help their families.

We invite public and corporate participation. We have set up an endowment fund for Shanti Bhavan. This account is maintained with ICICI Bank in Bangalore , India . As we are a registered charitable trust with the Government of India and the IRS in the US, your contribution is exempt from income tax.

There are 3 categories of donations.

1. Full Child Support: This is intended to meet the on-going expenses toward one child from Pre-School through Grade Twelve, i.e. for a period of fourteen years. The cost of supporting a child's residential and academic needs is approximately Rs. 48,000 ($1,500) a year as of 2008-09 (not including depreciation and interest expenses). If 336 annual supporters of Shanti Bhavan can be found, the institution's on-going needs of all its children can be met. We hope you will consider supporting a child by making a contribution each year.

If a contribution of $16,800 is made in one lump sum to cover all 14 years of expense toward a child's education at Shanti Bhavan, you may avail the following benefits:

  • Up to 4 members of your institution/family may spend a weekend, i.e., a Saturday night stay at the Shanti Bhavan guesthouse, once a year. You may interact with staff and children.
  • You will be among our guests of honour at our annual school day function.
Click here to see the list of donors to date.

2. Other donations: Any monetary donation and/or donations in kind such as computers, books, footwear, clothing, sports equipment, medicines, stationery, audio-visual equipment, toiletries, and bath and bed linen. Costs associated with children's education, clothing, medical treatment, welfare, and maintaining the infrastructure may also be met.

Any contribution in kind worth Rs.8 lakhs ($20,000) or more will have the same status as donors in category one.

Shanti Bhavan Sponsor: Any contribution over Rs. 50 lakhs ($125,000) will be engraved in the Shanti Bhavan commemorative stone slab and entered in the institution’s historic records.

3. Individual Donations -- "I am with you"

Make an online Donation

Individuals may contribute any sum, no matter how small, instead of a specific sponsorship for a child.  This will register the donor as a "Universal Friend" of the institution. Please be assured that your contribution, regardless of the size, will make a difference.

As Shanti Bhavan is both a home and a school for children from families that cannot afford to pay any sum for the children under our care, we need to meet all their needs.  Just like any home, we provide residential care, food, clothing, medical and recreational. In addition, we offer excellent education for the children.  The breakdown of operating expenses related to each child is provided here (Click). Yet, the cost of fully supporting a child is only Rs. 200 per day ($4 per day) – just twice the World Bank’s broader definition for poverty level. 

Material Assistance

As a residential school that houses children, teachers and support staff, Shanti Bhavan has many needs, similar to those of any home. It would greatly ease our financial burden if you would support us by making monetary and/or material donations to cover some of the needs. Those who have corporate contacts, please look into the possibility of material donations of items produced by those companies.

Please click here for our " Wish List" of the capital and operating needs of Shanti Bhavan.

Be assured that your contribution will make a difference. Help us help the cause. Thank you.

Pledge Request

Kindly confirm your pledge for donation by emailing us the following information:

  1. Name of donor:
  2. Your Email:
  3. Donation toward Children, Shanti Bhavan, Lead Poisoning Prevention, Women's Empowerment, Tillany Museum , and/or Healthcare
  4. Amount of Donation:

You may send the above information by email to: If you wish to pay on-line by US$ credit card, please do so by clicking below:

Those who wish to make a donation by check, please send your check payable to:

The George Foundation

Mail your check in rupees to:

The George Foundation
# 316, 5th 'A' Cross, HRBR Extn.
3rd Block, Kalyananagar Post
Bangalore, 560043. India
Tel: 91-80-25440164, 25444170
Fax: 91-80-25440210

Donations in U.S. dollars or other convertible currencies to:

George Foundation Inc.
121 Hawkins Place
PMB, 192
Boonton , NJ 07005 . NJ, USA


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