The George Foundation was established in January 1995 in Bangalore, India, as a not-for-profit organization under the Indian Trust Act. Our mission is to work towards poverty eradication in India, promote environmental health, and strengthen democratic institutions and values in developing countries. Consistent with this mission, the Foundation initially embarked on two major projects:

  • Project Shanti Bhavan: Facility to house and educate at a time 336 children of deprived backgrounds from pre-school to grade 12. It is a world-class institution committed to excellence and globally shared values.

  • Project Lead-Free: Infrastructure to test for blood lead levels in urban population throughout India.  In 1998-99, the project conducted 25,000 blood tests of children, pregnant women, and emergency referrals, and this study led to a world conference in Bangalore in 1999 that resulted in the initiation of prevention measures by the Government of India and several other developing countries.

Subsequently, the Foundation initiated several new projects:

  • Healthcare Projects: A medical diagnostic and management system (EDPS 2000) was developed and implemented in 1998 to improve the delivery of rural healthcare.  Subsequently, the Baldev Medical & Community Centre was opened in December 2000 to provide primary health care and health education for the rural communities around Shanti Bhavan.

  • Women's Empowerment: Several initiatives are currently under way to empower women through education, cooperative farming (BALDEV FARMS), vocational training, savings plan, and business development.

  • Community Development: Various projects to foster community involvement and welfare have been successfully initiated by BALDEV community centre.

  • Tillany Fine Arts Museum and Gallery: This project is designed to assist  talented and upcoming artists and artisans who have not been able to promote their work. These artists and artisans from poor backgrounds do not have the means to create art consistent with their talents, and display their work in the right environment.

  • Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media (IIJNM): This institution is a joint venture of The George Foundation with Adi Chunchanagiri Foundation, under the banner of BS&G Foundation.  The institute has developed the curriculum in association with Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, New York, offering students a diploma program at the Master's level, to promote quality journalism through a free, fair and independent press.

  • Centres for Studies in Emerging Critical Issues: Dr.George has spearheaded several studies to debate and present viable solutions to economic, environmental, human rights and other major issues facing both developing and advanced countries.

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