Our mission is to help alleviate poverty, promote health and a clean environment, and strengthen democratic institutions and values in developing countries. We strive to accomplish these objectives by implementing several innovative and bold solutions that would bring about long-term sustainable results. We shall demonstrate the validity of our approaches through projects managed by us that serve as models for wider application in similar or comparable situations elsewhere.

We believe in integrated holistic approaches to solving most human problems. Accordingly, the combined goals of our projects are to:

  • create economic opportunity for all, especially the needy, through planned development,
  • provide good rural health education and rural healthcare in India,
  • improve the quality of education generally, and promote exceptional talent,
  • encourage arts and crafts, and offer opportunities for creative work,
  • bring about social equality, fairness, and dignity of life, especially for women and deprived communities,
  • assure the preservation of nature, use resources carefully, and protect the environment,
  • support activities that satisfy the spiritual needs of the community, and
  • increase public participation in the governance of the country.

We hope that our initiatives will improve the lives of the poor, and bring dignity to their existence. We intend to help create communities that are economically stable and self-sustaining in the longer term, enjoy quality healthcare, social harmony and equality, and provide opportunity for all.

All our projects shall be carefully structured and implemented to be true to this mission. In every instance, we shall commit ourselves to constantly improving on what we have done before. We offer no philosophy of our own, and our conduct shall be dictated by universal truths and values.

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