Promotion of generally accepted values

Shanti Bhavan is a non-sectarian organization which adheres to the promotion of non-controversial, generally accepted values such as honesty, discipline, perseverance, tolerance, transparency and integrity. While children have the opportunity to learn about the teachings/philosophy of different religions, no indoctrination of any religion or cult-like beliefs is allowed. Shanti Bhavan shall not take institutional positions/views on the great issues of the day. Children are allowed to form their own convictions and encouraged to acquire values:

  1. by emulating the adults who will serve as role models,
  2. through the observance of their daily responsibilities,
  3. from stories of heroes of today and of the past, and
  4. by observing on their own the beneficial effects of the values, primarily through their own exploration.

The educational environment is stimulating, positively motivating, and conducive to the development of independent thinking, an environment that will draw children out of their shells. Children feel free to explore, to investigate, and to question values and ideas and find their own answers in the process, thus developing initiative and reasoning skills.

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